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What we're thankful for this holiday!
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Quietdrive Nov 24, 2010
Quietdrive Way Out Music Videovid

Quietdrive "Way Out" Music Video

Behold the music video for "Way Out." Enjoy!
Quietdrive Nov 17, 2010

Quietdrive's Top Ten Christmas Gifts of 2009!

1. A remix of one of our songs by Justin Beiber 2. A mask to wear while breaking into Lindsay Lohans house   3. A man…
Quietdrive Dec 15, 2009
Buzznet Premiere: Quietdrive 'Jessica'vid

Top Ten Reasons Quietdrive is thankful!

Top Ten Reasons Quietdrive is thankful that we are only very modestly famous/infamous. 10. We aren't regularly followed by the paparazzi, which avoids embarassing and…
Quietdrive Nov 30, 2009
Black Whitepic
Quietdrive Nov 30, 2009

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Quietdrive Nov 30, 2009
yellow room by joe lemkepic
Our Sophomore album Deliverance is in Stores and online NOW!pic
by joe lemkepic
Quietdrive May 08, 2009
See how well Kevin and Kirby from Quietdrive know one anothervid
Rise From The Ashes live acoustic performance by Quietdrivevid
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Minneapolis' Quietdrive has a proud and organic streak that continues to captivate. Some bands talk about work ethic. Quietdrive exhibits it. Since 2005, the band has made more than 900 appearances in front of every imaginable type of audience. "We tour like maniacs, and we have never slowed down. We are on our fourth van already", lead vocalist Kevin Truckenmiller notes, "We never had more than 3 consecutive days off while touring on our last record, and there were days where we did 4 performances, starting at radio at 7 am, and ending at 11 pm at a club show." That hard work paid off. In the toughest sales climate to ever face the record business, Quietdrive's debut release, When All That's Left Is You, sold 64,000 in the US alone and put Quietdrive at the forefront of emerging artists. The band sold another 400,000 digital singles as well.

Now the band is ready to launch the next artistic and commercial step forward, with its new record. Due in stores on October 14th, the band's sophomore effort, Deliverance (The Militia Group), continues to showcase their ability to deliver strong pop-rock gems one after another. With plans to dedicate another year to the road, and with its recent massive radio exposure to help raise awareness, Quietdrive starts its 9th national tour this fall. Let the new decathlon round of Quietdrive Olympics begin.